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Of Unusual Kind is an eclectic collection of paper dolls designed to inspire imaginative play and vivid make-believe. A beautifully handcrafted respite from technology, Of Unusual Kind is a celebration of paper craft, exquisite pattern and unique, individual style. Inspired by the cherished tradition of paper dolls yet adorned with Anja Kroencke’s whimsically modern, hand-illustrated clothing and accessories, the collection invites you to dress up and endlessly explore. Each time you add a new doll to your collection, you can mix and match from each wardrobe, creating infinite new looks. Mini metal brads are used to assemble the dolls and allow for playful movement.
The paper dolls were born when Anja’s eldest daughter was home for weeks, recuperating from a concussion, with electronics of any kind forbidden. The two of them spent hours drawing and crafting and creating stories. And so, Of Unusual Kind was born. Each doll and every single piece of her wardrobe are hand illustrated, printed in the United States, and hand assembled with care in NYC.


Anja Kroencke was born in Vienna, Austria, the eldest of a cross-cultural family of six children. Imagination, patience and keen observation were highly prized and very often a necessity. Anja’s childhood was spent drawing for hours, dancing in her mother’s clothes and eating danish licorice. Anja’s mother taught them to knit and to sew, and to appreciate well-made things. Motorbikes and machines were taken apart and put back together under the tutelage of their father, who also had a talent for drawing. Anja’s parents always encouraged her to follow her dreams and to make her passion her work.
Imagination, resourcefulness and fearlessness came in quite handy when Anja moved to New York City at the age of 25, without a friend and without a job, Soon enough, she was illustrating her iconic, elegant and long-necked beauties and working with just about everyone she admired in the fashion and beauty world. Some years later she was blessed with two daughters of her own and was ready to shift from the world of high fashion to more personal work that reflected her interests. To see her illustration portfolio go here.